About Joe Powell, MPA
     Joe Powell has served in almost every division of law enforcement from the mid 90's to present. (Defying the obstacles that assured his dream of serving would be next to impossible) His career includes numerous years as Chief of Police and one term as an elected County Sheriff in the great State of Texas. He is recognized as a Senior-level Chief of Police from beautiful Northwest Arkansas.  He also served as Chief of Police in Southwest Missouri, and the Panhandle of Texas!  He possesses three degrees; one in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor in Criminal justice Management and Administration, and a Master of Public Administration.  He is a graduate of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas where he studied at Sam Houston State University, Texas Womans' University, and Texas A & M. He's a trilogy recipient of FBI's Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, and also maintains a Master Peace Officer Certification in the State of Texas and Senior in the State of Arkansas. He is a certified law enforcement instructor for both states, and a licensed Concealed Carry Instructor for the State of Texas. He holds in excess of 100 awards, certifications, and commendations. He has spoken at numerous venues where people have left inspired, lifted up, encouraged, less-stressed, motivated, and most of all, with a smile on their face, some with sore cheek bones from laughter at his true-life stories he's collected over his years on the street. Now, Joe Powell brings his experiences, knowledge, and wit to you and your group/s, employee's, clients, clubs, conferences, graduations, etc.
* Texas Sheriff 
* Senior Chief of Police (Arkansas)
* Associate - Criminal Justice 
* Bachelor - Criminal Justice Management / Administration 
* Master - Public Administration 
* Present - Master / Public Administration 
* Texas Master Peace Officer 
* Maintains full-time LE commission in the Great State of Texas​
* Concealed Carry Instructor for the State of Texas 
* Certified law enforcement instructor / Arkansas / Texas 
* Graduate - Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas
* Trilogy Recipient - FBI - Law Enforcement Executive Development Assn.
* Certified through NASRO